Short Fiction

bonton burlesquers, public domain imageGuidelines

See the Elephant is an annual semi-pro e-zine published by Metaphysical Circus Press.

We are interested in literary fantastic, slipstream, weird, magical realist and supernatural fiction. We seek accomplished stories that live in the borderlands between the real and the unreal, and between genres. We tend to respond best to inventive, humane, metaphysical, and/or satirical work. We are especially interested in stories from women, writers of color, indigenous and LGBTQ writers.

We pay professional rates because we believe exceptional writers deserve it, but that also means we must be highly selective in order to stay within budget.To learn more about the kind of fiction we publish, please see MCP Style & What We’re Seeking.

  • We will not have an open submissions period for fall 2017.
  • We strongly encourage you to sign up for our mailing list.( Here’s why: 1. You will get Issue One of the magazine for free, and you can see what we do and how you might fit in. 2. You will also get a newsletter with links to the stories and reviews at See the Elephant online delivered to your inbox once a week (or less, if we’re in relax mode)  3. With the support of many, we can grow and continue to serve writers, readers and lovers of strange fiction. Please also find us on Facebook @MCPress and Twitter @metacircuspress.
  • Response Times:  We try mightily to get back to everyone within 2 months, but it’s not always possible. If it’s been longer, feel free to query editors (at)
  • Length: 500-7000 words. We are interested in original work and reprints.
  • Pay: 6c per word for original content, (max. $200). 2c per word for reprints to be published in the ebook or print magazine. 1c per word for reprints to be published only on the web version of the magazine, (max $100). Reprints should not be currently available for free elsewhere on the web.
  • Rights for original work: electronic, first north American print rights and podcasting rights for one year. We ask for the right to archive your story, but you may request us to take it off the website after one year.
  • Rights for reprints: Electronic rights only. We ask for the right to archive your story, but you may request us to take it off the website after one year.
  • Simultaneous Submissions: We ask that you give us at least 2 months before submitting your story to other markets. If you do simultaneously submit after that time frame, please let us know you are doing so, and inform us immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere.
  • Multiple Submissions: No, unless the submission is flash fiction (under 1000 words) in which case you may send up to three.
  • Work must be professionally formatted. For an example see William Shun’s guide. Please be sure that your work is polished, as typos and grammatical errors will make our eyes cross and render us, regretfully, unable to continue reading your submission.

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