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Metaphysical Circus Book Review Submissiond


We are seeking short but substantial reviews of literary fantastic novels, short story collections, and anthologies. We prefer forthcoming or new works, at the outside published within the past 18 months. We suggest this format:

  1. A tagline.
  2. Your review of 400-500 words: a.) Summarize the book in a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) b.) explain what kind of experience the reader can expect from reading this book: the tone, and style, and your insights into the content, referencing the metaphysical or transcendental aspects. Explore what is special, unusual or noteworthy about this book. If it has won or been nominated for any awards, mention that.
  3. From the book: 1-3 quotes that in some way illustrate points made in your review.
  4. Name of publisher.
  5. Date of publication.
  6. Optional: You may also include a short bio with link to your website or recent book.

Pay: 5c per word, (max. $25) for each accepted review.

To Submit a Review:

  1. If you would like to regularly write reviews for us, you can send a sample review. If we like your work, we will assign you books to review. (Note: reviewers can get free ARCs of books by signing up for an account at Treeline or Net Galley.)
  2. Or, if you’ve already written a review of work you think would interest us, send your review in the appropriate format in the body of an email to editors(at) In the subject line of your email put “Review submission, (name of book and author). If you have any question as to whether or not we will be interested in the book you propose to review, please visit our Style page. If you’re still not sure you may send a query before writing.

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