The Broken Line, 56: Psychopath

(Missed the last chapter? Go to 55: Meltdown.) I DROVE UNTIL I found myself at Warrick. It was about three a.m., but I didn’t need to explain anything to Zora. The sight of me was enough. “Jesus, Lacy.” She pulled me into a warm hug. I felt a few tears trickle down my face. I think […] Read more »

Cabinet of Wonders: Toxic Hate, Invisible Sadness & Love

Reviews of weird fiction on the web, by Lauren Colie Examine your feelings this week. Reflect on the wholesome (if obsessive) glow of a mother’s love, the writhing hate of love gone sour and the echoing loneliness of love that is pale and shallow. We’re traveling the whole spectrum – grab some tissues and a […] Read more »

The Broken Line, 55: Meltdown

(Missed the last chapter? Go to 54: Ride the Red Horse) I SHOVED MY way through the dense and—it seemed to me—hostile crowd around the dance pool. Stalled behind two pasty-skinned guys who were about as wide as they were tall, I saw Branson turn and slide an iridescent silver card through an access slot. […] Read more »

A Review of Wicked Wonders, by Ellen Klages

  Review by William Grabowski “We had not planned for children,” Mission Control’s message ended. “We’re sorry.”   With an Introduction by Karen Joy Fowler, author Ellen Klages takes so-called hard Science Fiction, clasps its rigid hand, and leads it into fantastical narratives haunted by childhood summer camps, science projects, a Mars settlement, a corrupt […] Read more »

The Broken Line, 54: Ride the Red Horse

(Missed the last chapter? Go to 53: Bad Wifey) I FOUND MYSELF sprawled on my back, on the hood of the red mustang, staring up at the milky spray of stars above. It was strange. I’d been hit by a car, but neither the initial impact nor the impact of my fall had felt like […] Read more »

A Review of The Fifth Season and The Obelisk Gate, by N.K. Jemisin

Review by Paul StJohn Mackintosh Un-Broken N.K. Jemisin’s The Broken Earth trilogy needs no recommendation. The first book, The Fifth Season, won a 2016 Hugo Award. The second, The Obelisk Gate, is on this year’s Hugo shortlist. The third title, The Stone Sky, is due August 2017. I, like many others, am waiting on tenterhooks to […] Read more »

A Review of The Vegetarian, by Han Kang

  Review by William Grabowski …I was standing on my head…leaves were growing from my body, and roots were sprouting from my hands… Some novels seize—like hawk on mouse—an idea, zip through empty space and leave us whirling in turbulence. Han Kangʼs Man Booker International Prize-winning The Vegetarian achieves far more, and cultivates with infinite […] Read more »

A Review of The Endless Fall and Other Weird Fictions, by Jeffrey Thomas

Review by Paul StJohn Mackintosh Falling Towards the Weird   Jeffrey Thomas will be familiar to many readers as the author of the Punktown series of stories – scratch that, Jeffrey Thomas is famous among weird and science fiction readers, RPG players, and even comic book fans, as author of the Punktown chronicles of bizarre […] Read more »

The Broken Line, 53: Bad Wifey

(Missed the last chapter? Go to 52: Liar Interuptus) John mutters phrases I can barely hear and understand even less. “Plant the six gifts. Eat the six. Eat for long life. The flower of the sixth.” The words sound familiar—a memory edging closer, filling me with fear. I try to pull away, but he holds […] Read more »

Cabinet of Wonders: Nevertheless, She Persisted

… and Other Ways Women Rule Reviews of weird fiction on the web, by Lauren Colie This week, women are depicted with agency and complexity (surprise!) Be it an ill-advised but wholly satisfying obsession with sex, a monster-slaying talent for badassery or the timely triumph over a rotten-hearted emperor, these ladies are making their own […] Read more »

The Broken Line, 52: Liar Interuptus

(Missed the last chapter? Go to 51: Voices in the Rain. Feeling festive, I choose a strapless peach sheath that highlights my new tan, and a matching, embroidered half jacket. I stare at myself in the mirror. It’s like I’m wearing a costume. Lacy Strong, starring as The Socialite’s Wife. I have to admit I […] Read more »

A Review of Entropy in Bloom, by Jeremy Robert Johnson

Review by William Grabowski We’re not Post-Apocalyptic, we’re Post-Yesterday. It’s tempting and easy to compare writers, but this habit often is unfair to both object and subject. Example: thematically, and stylistically, the work of Jeremy Robert Johnson can be compared to that of John Shirley, Chuck Palahniuk (who lauds Johnson as “a dazzling writer”), or […] Read more »

The Broken Line, 51: Voices in the Rain

(Missed the last chapter? Go to 50: Fertility Fetish) JOHN STARES OUT the window. “What the hell?” Maybe it isn’t just me. Maybe John hears it, too—the illusion of voices in the rain. “What is that doing there?” I strain to see through the misty, shifting blur. “I can’t see anything.” John reaches out and […] Read more »

Cabinet of Wonders: Phantom Limbs, Terrible Neighbors &…

Reviews of weird fiction on the web, by Lauren Colie Phantom Limbs, Terrible Neighbors & A Half-hearted Love God Enjoy variety and freshness in stories that flow along at a quick clip. This Cabinet features a serious contemplation of the fluidity of memory and time, explores the weird inherent in the manufactured perfection of suburbia […] Read more »

The Broken Line, 50: Fertility Fetish

“The original painting showed a pregnant woman sunbathing in a garden of flowers. But as the months passed, you kept painting and painting. Vines covered the flowers. The woman transformed. You called it your fetish.” Read more »