Cabinet of Wonders: Nevertheless, She Persisted

… and Other Ways Women Rule Reviews of weird fiction on the web, by Lauren Colie This week, women are depicted with agency and complexity (surprise!) Be it an ill-advised but wholly satisfying obsession with sex, a monster-slaying talent for badassery or the timely triumph over a rotten-hearted emperor, these ladies are making their own […] Read more »

The Broken Line, 52: Liar Interuptus

(Missed the last chapter? Go to 51: Voices in the Rain. Feeling festive, I choose a strapless peach sheath that highlights my new tan, and a matching, embroidered half jacket. I stare at myself in the mirror. It’s like I’m wearing a costume. Lacy Strong, starring as The Socialite’s Wife. I have to admit I […] Read more »

A Review of Entropy in Bloom, by Jeremy Robert Johnson

Review by William Grabowski We’re not Post-Apocalyptic, we’re Post-Yesterday. It’s tempting and easy to compare writers, but this habit often is unfair to both object and subject. Example: thematically, and stylistically, the work of Jeremy Robert Johnson can be compared to that of John Shirley, Chuck Palahniuk (who lauds Johnson as “a dazzling writer”), or […] Read more »

The Broken Line, 51: Voices in the Rain

(Missed the last chapter? Go to 50: Fertility Fetish) JOHN STARES OUT the window. “What the hell?” Maybe it isn’t just me. Maybe John hears it, too—the illusion of voices in the rain. “What is that doing there?” I strain to see through the misty, shifting blur. “I can’t see anything.” John reaches out and […] Read more »

Cabinet of Wonders: Phantom Limbs, Terrible Neighbors &…

Reviews of weird fiction on the web, by Lauren Colie Phantom Limbs, Terrible Neighbors & A Half-hearted Love God Enjoy variety and freshness in stories that flow along at a quick clip. This Cabinet features a serious contemplation of the fluidity of memory and time, explores the weird inherent in the manufactured perfection of suburbia […] Read more »

The Broken Line, 50: Fertility Fetish

“The original painting showed a pregnant woman sunbathing in a garden of flowers. But as the months passed, you kept painting and painting. Vines covered the flowers. The woman transformed. You called it your fetish.” Read more »

The Broken Line, 49: Snake in the Garden

Kitty. Flashes of her riding bareback, thighs gripping the horse’s glossy flanks. Her hair whipping like snakes. Her tense forearm grasping a knife, stabbing sacks of meat. I see her glance up from her drafting table, green eyes sharp, sketching with slashing strokes. Her finger jabbing at demons in her scrapbook as she lectures me. Yanking the white rose beads from my neck. My mother. A song I can’t get out of my head. Read more »

A Review of Fever Dream: A Novel, by Samanta Schweblin

Review by Lauren Colie There’s something in the water… The vacation began as many do: with warmed and glistening skin, softly-scented sunscreen wafting in the breeze and a child’s energetic romp through the yard before lunchtime. Amanda and daughter Nina settled in for a week of relaxation in a rural rental, with Amanda’s husband set […] Read more »

HEL 266, fiction by Sara Rich

Susan held the straw for the core. “You know, in the Semitic languages – Arabic, Hebrew, and Akkadian specifically – the word for tree sap is dem. It’s also the word for blood.” Read more »

The Broken Line, 48: The Other John

Even as I resist, the pieces click into place. The man’s clothes in the closet. John’s reportedly blasé attitude toward Dorothy’s affair with my father. Dr. Rolfe’s reaction every time I said Uncle John. Wanda’s shock when I mentioned the dark haired musician. My lover. The one who’d dumped me on the porch for my … husband to deal with? Read more »

A Review of You’ll Know When You Get There, by Lynda E. Rucker

Aficionados of the tradition ghost story will find much to enchant them - in fact, one story, “Who Is This Who Is Coming?” is one of the best tributes to M.R. James I’ve read, at once comprehensively referential, sardonically funny, and ultimately chilling. But there is plenty more experimental and challenging work too. The question of who haunts what and how comes up again and again in the tales, with no single clear and prescriptive answer. Read more »

The Broken Line, 47: Sex Dreams and Secrets

We’re in the painting. Branson, John, and me. Both men stand naked and erect, staring down at me with flat expressions. They look impossibly tall, until I realize that I’m flat on my back, unable to move anything except my head. I look down at my naked body and see vines like manacles holding me spread eagle on the ground. One vine runs like an IV into my arm, dripping a milky white sap into my veins. Read more »

Cabinet of Wonders: Bad Juju & Good Intentions

Be careful what you wish for...but we all know that. Yet, we continue to test the waters. Dip a toe in this week for the black magic of a woman scorned, the gleeful wrath of a dark goddess and the triumphant revolt of a girl who shakes off the shackles of normal. Read more »

The Broken Line, 46: Splitting in Two

A constructed reality can be very elaborate, with its own internal logic. In your mother’s case, she became convinced that your father was a demon.” I process this information in light of my own hallucinations: the flower faces of my ancestors, the monster controlling the vines in the walls. The river of blood. Read more »

Rockport Boys, fiction by Megan Arkenberg

* Their family trees are full of beautiful men who were hanged as witches or lost at sea, and all their houses are haunted. (The Rockport Boys originally appeared in Aghast #1) IT’S HARD TO stay haunted in California, she says, taking a slow drag on her cigarette. That hungry something is in her eyes again, […] Read more »