Seeking Beta Readers for Supernatural Thriller

The Broken Line Cover 10-25-15Greetings Friends!

As you may have noticed, in October we are launching a novel in web serial form: The Broken Line, Legacy Keyes Book One. This page-turning tale is sure to enthrall fans of supernatural thrillers, psychological suspense and literary horror fiction.

If this sounds like you, and you would like to be a beta reader  (which means you get to see it first in exchange for a sharing your reactions about what you liked and didn’t like) please email Rowan (at) for further instructions.

For the synopsis of The Broken Line, read on:

When Legacy (Lacy) Keyes was eleven years old, her schizophrenic mother tried to kill “Uncle John,” a man she believed was a demon. Lacy, now a social worker at a treatment facility for emotionally disturbed teens, has spent her whole life trying to distance herself from her mother’s actions and mental illness. However, Lacy’s debilitating migraines have become more frequent, and accompanied by voices that threaten violence or warn of danger. Despite fears for her own sanity, Lacy must face a series of increasingly bizarre and uncanny occurrences in order to protect those around her.

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