Cover Reveal, See the Elephant, Issue One

SEE ISSUE 1. ebook cover 1400 pix 3 (2)We are proud and excited to share the cover of our first issue of See the Elephant.

The magazine will hit the virtual stands next month, JULY, 2015. We have some great stories lined up for you–all revolving around transformation–by authors ranging from the shiny and new to the lauded and revered, as you’ll see from our list on the cover. Coming soon, sneak peek stories!

Announcing the Winners! New Voices Contest 2015

Unbelievable Inventions of The ’60s (10)See the Elephant has Twins

From editor-in-chief Melanie Lamaga

As it turned out, we got so many great entries to both the contest and open submissions that we were able to put together two issues of the magazine. That means we were able to choose two first place, two second place and two honorable mention contest awards. Without further ado here are the winners.

First Place: “The Absence of Cows,” by Kristin Falso-Capaldi and “They End Up in Space” by J. August__ .

Why we chose them: Aside from being well-written, these stories are opposites in many ways.”The Absence of Cows” is subtle and wry with only a whiff of the fantastic. In this story, a woman on the verge of divorce goes to stay with her mother in the country. All she wants to do is run. All her mother wants to do is look at the living landscape and speculate on the fate of the herd of cows gone missing from a nearby field. This elegant story explores some of the metaphysical aspects of family, marriage, grief and change.

“They End Up in Space,” is satirical, apocalyptic, transgressive and absurd. What happens when you mix an alien college student and her souped up ride, an art opening and homophobia? Could be the end of the world. Literally.

We didn’t set out to pick stories at the polar ends of the literary spectrum, but I love that it worked out that way. If you want to know what See the Elephant is all about, take a look at these two stories and imagine the possibilities in the universe that lies between.

Second Place: “The Court Marshall of Samuel James Wilson,” by Frederick Foote and “Kaia,” by Brian T. Hodges.

Why we chose them: “The Court Marshall of Samuel James Wilson” takes place during the Vietnam war. In this story, a white, Southern soldier-lawyer must defend a black soldier accused of treason, but as the lawyer learns, what happened is not always what Happened. Though grounded in history, this story has intensely surreal moments that lead to a radically ambiguous ending.

In “Kaia,” Tim, a man grieving the suicide of his lover Matt goes to Uppsala in Sweden. Outside the cathedral, thousands of crow-like kaia congregate. A local tells him, “The kaia, they carry the souls of the lost, those seeking forgiveness. Hoping for salvation. That’s why they come to the cathedral.” When Tim thinks he finds Matt in one of the kaia, he has a decision to make.

Honorable Mention: “Butterflies,” by Zoe Fowler and “Crocodile Tale,” by Michael Glyde.

Why we chose them: “Butterflies” is a beautifully written “deal with the devil” story. “Crocodile Tale” is a vivid, magical realist parable about grief repressed.

Many thanks to all who submitted. Keep writing!

You will be able to read all of the New Voices winners in upcoming issues of See the Elephant, alongside stories by emerging and established writers. The first issue will be available in July, and the second in December. Stay tuned for the first issue’s full table of contents, a cover reveal and sneak preview stories as we count down to July. We are very excited to send all of these stories out into the world.

As always, we greatly appreciate your support. Any little thing you to do share us, and the authors we represent, with your world makes a big difference.


Contest & Open Submissions Update, 4.11.15

Metaphysical Circus Press, See the Elephant Magazine

The Unicorn Is Found, tapestry, ca. 1495–1505
Southern Netherlands

Greetings Esteemed Writers and Readers

from Melanie Lamaga, publisher/ed. in chief

Since mid-January the ringmasters and performers here at MCP have been hard at work raising the tents and preparing the stage for our first issue of See the Elephant Magazine. In other words, we’ve been reading submissions and contest entries — lots of them.

I’m pleased to announce that we are in the final round of selections now, and are on track to notify everyone of our decisions by May 1 ( May Day, appropriately enough, that ancient celebration of fertility and spring where those so inclined dance naked around a pole. Ahem. But I digress.)

Some might say that finding good stories in a deluge of unsolicited submissions and a contest for new writers is as difficult as finding a unicorn, but that hasn’t happened here at the circus. In fact, I am happily wading in a pool of stories so fine that it humbles and amazes me. The only shadow on the horizon is the prospect of having to turn away stories that I truly admire, for lack of funds to buy them all.

The level of quality that we’ve received, even as a brand new magazine, confirms the conviction that lead me to found this press: we are in a renaissance of literature in the fantastic modes. Of course, I’m sure the quality of submissions is helped by the fact that we are paying writers pro rates, but that, too, is as it should be. Writing well is very hard work, and all of us need to eat.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone who submitted their work to us. You’ll be hearing from us soon, if you haven’t already. We truly appreciate your participation and hope that you will continue writing (and reading) these kinds of stories. There is a need for literature that explores the unreality of reality, and the reality of unreality. We  invite you to continue traveling with the circus on its metaphysical journey and engage with us via social media. We want to hear from you!

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Deadline Extended for New Voices Contest; Open Submissions Closed

FlemishMask3 circa 1555The open submission period for our upcoming first e-book issue of See the Elephant is now closed. A big thank you to all who submitted. You will be hearing from us soon. However, if you are a new writer, you can still submit – read on for details!

See the Elephant Magazine’s New Voices contest deadline is now March 15, 2015

Prizes include cash and publication alongside established writers of literary, metaphysical and speculative fiction. To learn about the kind of fiction we publish, please see MCP Style & What We’re Seeking. For contest details read on.

Who Qualifies: Unless you are a semi-pro or professional writer (for example, you regularly sell stories to pro markets (paying 5c/word or more), or have established a career as a novelist, you may enter. Read more »

Introducing Leah Lamb

LeahLambBlogger and storyteller Leah Lamb is our newest addition to See the Elephant. She will be writing a monthly article called Weird on the Web, part of our Cabinet of Wonders. The first installment will be coming next week, but in the meantime, I wanted to ask Leah about being weird.

Melanie Lamaga: Welcome, Leah! Since your going to be blogging about weird art, literature, history and science on the web, I thought you might like to tell us about your own weird-worthy history.

Leah Lamb: I loved your definition of weird, “The best weird gives you the feeling or realization that the world is not quite what you thought it was.” I’m a mythic storyteller, and create Soul Stories []. It is one of the oldest forms of storytelling, Clarissa Pinkola Estes refers to it as using El Duarte, to reflect the soul of the listener.

See the Elephant Submissions & New Voices Contest Open

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See the Elephant Magazine is open for submissions!

We’re listening …

We are pleased to announce that short fiction submissions are now open. We broke the ice last month with stories by our editors to give you a sense of who we are and what we like. Now we are looking for work that is NOT by us.

If you are a writer of slipstream, weird, magical realist or supernatural fiction (and you are not us), we want to hear from you!

We are by authors, for authors. That means we pay pro rates to pro and semi-pro authors. We are looking for new stories and we love reprints, especially of work that is not currently available on the web. New writers can win cash prizes and publication through our contests. Check out the links below to get started.

MCP’s Style & What We’re Seeking

Short Fiction Submissions

New Voices Contest 

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Short Fiction Coming Soon

See the Elephant publishes weird fictionMetaphysical Circus Press is Pleased to Announce…

See the Elephant will soon begin publishing free short fiction, offering our readers the best in speculative, uncanny, visionary and magical realist stories by both established and emerging authors.

To kick things off, in December and January we’ll be sharing fabulous fiction by the esteemed members of our editorial board.

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