A Review of The Afterlife of Emerson Tang by Paula Champa

Champa coverThe Afterlife of Emerson Tang by Paula Champa Metaphysical, Elegant Treatment of Family and the Afterlife.

Review by M.C. Boyes

Although the plot revolves around the wealthy collector Emerson Tang and a car, this is really the story of Beth, Emerson’s archivist.

Beth has had trouble connecting with other people, ever since a painful near-death experience as a child. She has felt a lack of direction and a distance from other people, as if a wall of glass separates her from life. In the process of helping the dying Emerson settle his affairs, Beth grapples with the question of why she’s alive, and discovers a web of connection between herself, Emerson, his family, her family, a famous artist, and yes, that car. Read more »