A Review of Greener Pastures, by Michael Wehunt

by Paul St. John Mackintosh

greenerpastures_smOblique Strategies

Georgia native Michael Wehunt has quietly, almost unobtrusively made a name for himself as a major figure in modern dark and weird fiction, and this first collection of eleven of his stories sets the seal on that endeavor. To say that the book comes garlanded with plaudits is a woeful understatement: The list of praise and compliments reads like a who’s who of the best and most brilliant living horror and dark fiction writers. Read more »

Kaia, fiction by Brian T. Hodges


“Its eyes are human. There’s no other way of describing them. It has crystalline blue eyes with dark pupils, framed by heavy black lids. The bird had been staring at me with questioning, human eyes.”


"Corvid Castle" © Alsia Soiset, 2016

“Corvid Castle” © Alsia Soiset, 2016

“Kaia” won a second place prize in our 2015 New Voices contest.


THE COLD MORNING sun peeks through twin spires. Black forms rise from their roosts, a sudden torrent, occluding the light. They call a dawn chorus to Cathedral Square below. Right now, there’s no telling one from the next—they fly and swoop and escape as one indistinct mass. Eventually, though, the warmth of the sun falls across their black feathers and they return to roost and earth, to rest or forage. It is then, in the sudden calm, that I hear the wind whistling through the avenue of twisted oaks behind me. It is then that I ask how forever can end in moment. Read more »