Cabinet of Wonders: Windows To The Soul

Window from 1742, Kosta, Sweden. Photo: Mogens Engelund (licensed under Creative Commons).

Window from 1742, Kosta, Sweden. Photo: Mogens Engelund

reviews of short fiction on the web, by Lauren Colie

This week’s Cabinet is all about the windows to the soul. These authors are challenging us to see more clearly and to look past, through, inside and around all the social constructs we combat daily. Take away some lightheartedness and try to let go of some of the constraints you imagine holding you back. After all, this state is temporary. Read more »

Review of Horthólary by Michael Reynier

Hortholary Tales Coverby Paul St. John Mackintosh

Fearful French Fantastic Fun

Horthólary is the second collection of historical, fantastical adventures of Professor Summanus Horthólary, French savant and sometime occult investigator, from his student years under Louis XV to his old age in Napoleonic France. “The four tales presented here span almost the entire life of Professor Horthólary, from a few days before his birth to within two years of his death,” as the Preface explains. “Why these four, and not any of the many other accounts encrypted in his journals? To begin with, they are among the more unusual of his cases: encounters with flying machines, meteors, witchcraft and giants. ” And the tales more than deliver on the promise of the unusual. Read more »

Cabinet of Wonders: Top 5 Short Stories of 2015

woolworth building in cloudsweb fiction reviews by Lauren Colie

It’s that “out with the old, in with the new” time of year, when I resolve to read more, zen more and road rage less. But amidst the well-meaning promises to make 2016 a raucous good time filled with beach-ready bodies, clean eats and festivals galore, I can’t help but cling to several pieces of the past. I’m not yet ready to close the Cabinet door on some of these superb shorts. Find out what stories are frozen in my mind so deep I just can’t let them go. Here it is, your 2015 year in review. Let’s laugh, cry and howl into the night one last time. Read more »