Weird Pairings, Virginia Woolf + Sophia Hermes

Weird Pairings Virginia Woolf_Locked in_web

The Quote: Virginia Woolf was a modernist writer of the 1920s, responsible for books such as The Waves, an experimental, lyrical stream of consciousness novel, and Orlando, in which the hero lives several centuries and becomes a woman for a time. Woolf also collaborated with her husband Leonard in founding Hogarth Press, which published her works as well as work by other notable authors and artists of the day. Despite frequent bouts of depression, Woolf never stopped writing. Feminist, bi-sexual, a novelist and a publisher. One of our heroes.

The Image: The collage is by reclusive French artist, Sophia Hermes. “Like my heroes Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington, my art blossomed when I moved to Mexico in the 1960s. It’s not that I shun society, but that I have found a refuge among the bougainvilleas.” Hermes’ collages illustrate The Evolution of Reptilian Handbags by Melanie Lamaga. Her tiny surreal mosaics, most of them unsigned, can be found in restaurants, coffee shops and public squares in Ensenada, Mexico.

A Review of The Pottawatomie Giant and Other Stories, by Andy Duncan

the-pottawatomie-giant-other-stories-hc-by-andy-duncan-1198-pSouthern Literary Fabulism

Andy Duncan can turn a colorful phrase with a precision by turns comical, lyrical and poignant. This is a voice that begs to be spoken aloud, declaimed, performed (and if you ever get a chance to see Andy Duncan read his work, he does just that.) But beneath the engaging plots and characters, the tales are layered, addressing such issues as racism, classism, sexism, hero-worship and self-discovery.

Using a combination of history, folklore and giddy invention, Duncan draws us in. The cocktail proves as heady and bracing as a mint julep on a hot day, the jaunty sprig of green masking the powerful spirits within. Read on for a taste of a few of the stories found in this collection: Read more »

Short Fiction Coming Soon

See the Elephant publishes weird fictionMetaphysical Circus Press is Pleased to Announce…

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To kick things off, in December and January we’ll be sharing fabulous fiction by the esteemed members of our editorial board.

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