Classic Literary Fantastic Novels by Elizabeth Hand, Released Digitally

Elizabeth Hand

Elizabeth Hand,

For those of you not familiar with Hand’s work, she is one of the titans of what (for simplicity’s sake) I call the literary fantastic, with an artistic stature large enough to gracefully straddle that silly, artificial divide between literary and genre fiction.

Hand’s work, which she calls visionary and semi-autobiographical, explores themes of spiritual transcendence and the artist’s life, set against the backdrop of human frailty and violence. Her stories are complex, powerful, and beautifully written. I highly recommend that you check them out, whether in hardback or your favorite digital format.

From Open Road Media:

This month, Open Road Media is pleased to add five titles from popular fantasy writer, Elizabeth Hand, available in digital format, along with brand new cover art. With the reissue of these five titles, fans alike can explore the imaginative worlds and seductive plotlines Hand has created.


The full title list includes:

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